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LML concentrates on the representation of Homeowners Associations (HOA), Single Family Homeowners, and Commercial Owners in Construction Defect claims against Developers and General Contractors. We represent such clients in California and Nevada in all aspects of construction related claims.

LML represents injured parties in consumer class action litigation in both Federal and State Courts, with a concentration on misbranding and mislabeling in the food and cosmetic segment.

Injured Consumers Have Rights

Every day, thousands of consumers are unknowingly taken advantage of by deceptive business tactics. When you do business with a company by buying its products or entrusting them with your personal information, you expect the business to act honestly and in your best interests. When those expectations are broken, you can lose your hard earned money or suffer the emotional trauma of knowing someone else has your confidential information.

You are likely not alone. If you have been damaged by a company’s deceptive business practices, so have other consumers. Each consumers’ loss may be relatively small, making it difficult for one person to fight back. Therefore, it makes sense that consumers fight these wrongdoings together through a consumer class action.

What Types of Violations Can Consumers Recover For?

  • Deceptive and false advertising
  • Defective and dangerous products
  • Deceptive trade practices
  • Deceptive warranties and promises
  • Hidden or unlawful fees
  • Data breaches of personal or financial information

What Laws Provide Legal Protections for Consumers?

  • State unfair and deceptive acts and practices statutes
  • False advertising and marketing laws
  • Consumer Privacy Statutes
  • Warranty laws
  • State and federal consumer protection laws
  • Common law theories of negligence, strict liability, fraud, breach of contract, breach of warranty, and misrepresentation

Redress the Wrongful Behavior Through a Consumer Class Action

A consumer class action is a powerful legal tool that allows a single person – called the named plaintiff – to bring a case to represent all the individuals who have been harmed by the same wrongdoing – the class – to protect the public from these dishonest business practices. The named plaintiff will then litigate the issues on behalf of all similarly situated consumers. All similarly situated consumers will be included in the class action and will be entitled to participate in the settlement if the case settles. By joining forces as a class, consumers with similar complaints can consolidate resources and are often able to obtain a more substantial settlement than if pursued individually. In addition to monetary settlements, class action settlements can require the company to suspend its unlawful practices, be more transparent and provide better information to consumers, and generally improve their business practices towards consumers.

We Can Help

LML Law Group has championed the rights of consumers in cases involving unfair business practices, anti-competitive conduct, produce defects, misleading advertising, and consumer fraud, and provided them with a means to recover their damages.

No Cost Representation

What does it cost to bring a consumer class action? Nothing. LML Law Group represents consumers on a contingency fee basis, meaning we advance all attorney’s fees and expenses incurred by the litigation. If we are successful in obtaining a monetary recovery or substantial non-monetary benefit for the consumer we will seek to have the court approve our attorney’s fee request, which will be paid by the company and/or their insurance carriers.  LML Law Group never seeks reimbursement for attorney’s fees or costs directly from our consumer class action clients.

Have you been injured due to unfair business practices?

If you believe you have been injured due to unfair business practices by a company or if you would like more information about our consumer class action practice, please contact our consumer class action attorneys at (800)497-3102.

Our firm represents individuals or groups who have been severely injured in auto accidents, workplace or in the public.

Our real estate litigation and consultation practice assists buyers and sellers of properties in all aspects of the transaction. Additionally, we help those individuals who have been victims of fraud or misrepresentation in real estate transactions. This includes

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