A Thayers Natural Remedies class action lawsuit claims that consumers are duped into buying supposedly “natural” skincare products that actually contain synthetic ingredients.

Lead plaintiff Christopher Lisowski alleges that the maker of Thayers Natural Remedies products capitalizes on consumers’ growing preference for healthy, natural items.

Indeed, Thayers Natural Remedies products, which include deodorants, towelettes, and other personal cleaning items are advertised as “natural” and in some cases “preservative-free.”

However, the products contain synthetic and abrasive ingredients that consumers would not expect, says the plaintiff.

The class action lawsuit alleges that “the many statements on Defendant’s products’ labels claiming that the products are ‘natural,’ including the name of the product line – THAYERS® Natural Remedies – are false, misleading, and designed to deceive consumers into paying a price premium and choosing THAYERS® Natural Remedies over a competitor’s product.”

The Thayers Natural Remedies class action lawsuit names more than two dozen products that are allegedly mislabeled, including facial toners, mists, astringents, skin pads, deodorants, and dry mouth sprays. The products come in different varieties, including rose petal, lemon, cucumber, medicated, unscented, original, lavender, and peppermint.

“Defendant’s THAYERS® Natural Remedies brand created and continues to maintain a ‘natural’ myth that is displayed prominently on all of its Products’ labels as well as throughout its website and social media accounts to promote and advertise the Products as ‘natural remedies,’” alleges the Thayers class action.

“Building upon this deception by labeling and advertising the Products as ‘Natural Remedies,’ Defendant creates the impression amongst reasonable consumers that the Products are natural,” continues the plaintiff. “However, Defendant fails to adequately inform consumers that the Products contain numerous synthetic, unnatural, and dangerous ingredients. Indeed, Defendant only lists the synthetic, unnatural ingredients in the Products on the back of the Product packaging in small, hard-to-read print and, even then, fails to inform consumers that many of the ingredients listed are synthetic and unnatural.”

According to the Thayers Natural Remedies class action lawsuit, a number of the products advertised as natural contain the chemical phenoxyethanol, a preservative.

The plaintiff notes that two federal agencies had warned companies about advertising products that contained this ingredient as natural. In fact, points out the plaintiff, the FDA noted concerns about the use of products with phenoxyethanol on nursing infants because it can affect the nervous system, leading to diarrhea and dehydration.

Further, Thayers Natural Remedies products also reportedly contain potassium sorbate, a synthetic preservative, and polysorbate-20, a synthetic emulsifier.

In addition, the dry mouth sprays allegedly contain substances that, when combined in the product, create a known carcinogen called benzene.

The plaintiff contends that he and others would not have purchased or paid as much for Thayers Natural Remedies products had they known they contained such ingredients.

The class action lawsuit is seeking damages, as well as a court order stopping the company from alleging mislabeling its products.

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Lisowski and the proposed Class are represented by Steffan T. Keeton of The Keeton Firm LLC.

The Thayers Natural Remedies Class Action Lawsuit is Lisowksi v. Henry Thayer Co. Inc., Case No. 2:19-cv-01339, in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania.